About UConn Reads

In 2011, the University of Connecticut introduced UConn Reads, a common reading program that welcomes you to join in a book discussion open to the entire University community. UConn Reads aims to gather together students, staff, alumni, faculty, and state citizens alike who share an interest and sense of pride in the University, who relish intelligent, respectful debate, and who each can bring their own individual perspectives and personal experiences to a thought-provoking and engaging conversation.

Goals of UConn Reads Program

  • Engage our campus and extended community in an enriched and focused reading experience
  • Generate discussions and exchanges of diverse ideas
  • Promote learning connections among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the wider community
  • Bridge learning experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • Create community by enabling students to generate discussions with each other and with staff, faculty, and the citizens of Connecticut

Book Selection Criteria

The final book selection is based on a set of criteria culled from Common Reading Programs: Going Beyond the Book and aims to meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • Engaging and would spark discussion, debate, and some follow-up activity
  • Interdisciplinary and or multicultural themes that would appeal to a diverse body of students
  • Relevant to the UConn community and student life
  • Able to be used in classrooms and among various departments and campus programming
  • Available in paperback as well as electronically